Vermont Weddings Direct is a service providing  complete details and paperwork for couples to make decisions based on the region in Vermont  of interest.

Vermont Weddings Direct offers a regional list of all vendors to be considered for hire.  The venders listed are NOT paid for advertisers, but rather a genuine list of preferred wedding professionals to consider.

The only thing left to do is make a quick email to the vendor of choice! 

Our professionals draw on the finest local resources such as locally grown food, optional green wedding alternatives and  pure Vermont goodness!

All paperwork and contracts  necessary to hire each wedding professional is included in fee.

Vermont Weddings Direct was designed to assist couples who do not want the added cost and assistance from a full-fledged consultant, but who are wanting the value of knowing tried and true venues, professionals to hire and intricate details, plus the additional benefit of having paperwork on demand to hire all! Our full-service consultant has had many years experience in the Vermont Wedding industry and has designed this site to assist those desiring a simpler way to plan their wedding but also helping to eliminate the guesswork and legwork to  make it all happen!  We have cut your time down from 8 months to 3 days! 



Who we are

Vermont Weddings Direct made our day so easy!

"We were nervous about the wedding process until we found Vermont Weddings Direct and the highly-skilled planners that they have who helped pave the road and smoothed out all of the bumps.  Not knowing the Vermont landscape well or of qualified vendors, Vermont Weddings Direct offered various regional packages that provided all the necessary information and paperwork to hire the top-notch wedding professionals we were so fortuante to work with!  We were able to plan our wedding without the huge cost of hiring a wedding consultant directly and still felt we had ample information to make educated decisions  to make our big day a huge success!"

Dave and Brenda, CO